Austin, TX

Howdy from Austin, TX!

We left New Orleans bright and early yesterday (Tuesday) to make it for a 6pm start time at the historic Driskill Hotel, with a stop for some excellent Texas BBQ on the way, of course. We’re chilling in the hotel this morning before heading out to Dripping Springs to the house of our angel in disguise AKA local band host, Deb.

Thanks to everyone who came out to our shows in Lafayette, Gonzales to the Balloon Festival and The Rivershack Tavern last Saturday. What a great string of shows and what a band at The ‘Shack! It was really cool to be joined by Cranston Clements once again. He really is a king among men and we miss having him regularly.

Well, four days in Austin feels like a luxury! We have so many friends here and it’ll be great to have some time to hang out. Plus, we’re playing every night:

Wednesday 9/26 The Rattle Inn; 9-12 Facebook event
Thursday 9/27JUST ADDED: Papi Tino’s; 9-11:30
Friday 9/28 The Continental Club; 11:15-12:15 (but come at 10 and stay late for the other two fabulous bands!) Facebook event

We did have a cancellation for this Saturday in Plano. The darn bar owner just totally flaked out and it’s too late to find anything else. Such is the nature of the beast I guess. I’m sorry to anyone who was planning to come out to that one. We’ll try again soon!

Once we make it back to New Orleans we have some awesome shows lined up in the month of October including a return to Chickie Wah Wah on Thursday 10/4 and a last minute early show booked at Siberia on Thursday 10/11. Those of you who have been following the live music controversy in New Orleans will be interested to know that Siberia has procured a limited number of Special Events Permits for the months of October and November. The bar was featured in Offbeat Magazine’s September Food issue in an article entitled Sound Bites which talks about the live music issue and highlights Siberia’s fabulous food. Support the venue, eat delicious food!

One more unfortunate cancellation this month is the Andouille Festival in LaPlace at the end of the month. With all the damage their area had from Hurricane Isaac and 7000 people still homeless they felt that holding the festival was not practical, nor was it proper to spend money when their citizens were still in such need. Please send your thoughts their way or donate to the Greater New Orleans Foundation who have a fund set up for victims of the hurricane.

Details for all of our fall shows are up on our website so make sure you make a visit there on your internet wanderings. And see y’all out and about!

Your gal pal,

"Without the courage to fail there is no progress."