Springing: Get the News, Buckaroos!

Has it been almost a month since I last wrote to y’all? It has indeed and what a month it has been. I feel that time is flying by at such a rapid pace that I can scarcely keep up. Although I’m trying to get ahead of the wave, it’s definitely been a wild 2013 so far.

My trip to South America with the Squirrel Nut Zippers was intense and a lot of fun. It was nice to have someone else doing the “work” part of the job. All I had to do was show up to sing and dance! I’ll post a link to the pictures from the group on the SNZ Facebook page if anyone cares to take a look see. There are tons of comments, pictures and videos up there already, too.

It is GREAT to be back home though, and performing with the Gal Holiday band again. The last few shows in February were totally fun and I missed our musical family while I was gone! We’ve already had one show in March, last Saturday at Mojitos and there are many more on the books (and the website) since I last wrote. We start TONIGHT, Tuesday 3/12 at the Hard Rock Cafe with a our first show on Bourbon Street EVER. Their new location is hiring local acts on Tuesday nights and we’re happy to pop our Bourbon Street cherry. Come be a witness to the carnage, if you dare.

We’ll also be at Rock ‘n’ Bowl’s Swing Night again this week on Wednesday 3/13 and are making a return to the Circle Bar on Friday night, 3/15, Dave James in tow. Many great memories were made there over the years, including a Gal Holiday fueled introducion resulting in a Gal Holiday wedding reception!

This Saturday afternoon, 3/16 is a very special event on the westbank benefitting Cafe Hope, where they help at-risk young adults get training in the restaurant and hospitality industries while serving the public great food. There is to be a BBQ contest and live music all day long, so bring the family out for some daytime fun!

Again, sorry for any delay in my communications resulting in any missing of Gal Holiday shows. Please note that the best way to get the info is to check our website regularly. I write these newsletters when I can but I’ve been writing music, too! There are only so many hours in a day which brings me back to my opening lines.

Here comes the tidal wave…

Your gal pal,

“Without the courage to fail there is no progress.”

Tuesday 3/12 @ Hard Rock Cafe (NOLA); 10pm-1am
Wednesday 3/13 @ Rock ‘n’ Bowl; 8pm-11pm
Friday 3/15 @ Circle Bar (NOLA); 10pm-1am
Saturday 3/16 @ Westbank BBQ Cookoff to benefit Cafe Hope (Marrero); 2pm-3pm (Gal Holiday set)
Friday 3/22 @ Chickie Wah Wah (NOLA); 10pm-12am
Saturday 3/23 @ The BMC (NOLA); 9pm-12am
Thursday 3/28 @ Siberia (NOLA) w/ Lynn Drury; order TBA
Friday 3/29 @ Old Point Bar; 10 pm-1am
Sunday 3/31 Easter Sunday show! @ Kajun’s Pub (NOLA); 5pm-9pm

Post Carnival “Normalcy”

It’s Friday night and I’m sitting at home, keeping an eye on a sick kitty who is sleeping on the sofa next to me. The past few days have been spent catching up on things that fell through the cracks over the past week or so, mainly dishes and booking. No one in New Orleans functions “normally” during Mardi Gras, and unless you’ve been here to experience it firsthand there’s no way to relate it to anything else in terms of how much you have to rearrange your priorities. We had a great time this year though, even if it WAS more than a little weird to take a week off for SuperBowl. Below are a few pictures of our magical and foggy Mardi Gras, two I captured and one taken by our friend, Thaddeus who is the fella dressed as Star Trek crew with Dave in photo #1. Brian “Big Country” Ayres of our brother band, Country Fried and his lovely family are the subject of the third photo.

Vanessa and Dave - Mardi Gras 2013

A Foggy Mardi Gras

The Ayres' FamilySO, now that we’re “back to normal” here in New Orleans let me just say “PHEW!” and reconnect on a couple of things. Firstly is the previously mentioned Kickstarter campaign, still in limbo for a new album we’re writing for. With festival season fast approaching we’ve decided to push our deadline back until June, which will allow more time to do everything we need to get done. Please look out for the announcement of the Kickstarter, which I should be able to make active by mid-March.

Also, some of you may be aware that I was invited to sing leads with the acclaimed band, Squirrel Nut Zippers, albeit on a very part time basis. I’ll be heading to South America (!) with them in a little over a week for a short, three day trip to Ecudor and Colombia. After only one show with their band last September it’s a little nerve wracking, but also quite an honor as I’ve been a huge fan since the mid-90’s. Wish me luck! I’ll take pictures…

Before I head down south though, there are a few more Gal Holiday shows here in Louisiana and I’m looking forward to playing again! We’ve definitely been playing less shows that we’re used to and I’m
getting antsy.

There’s only one chance to catch us this weekend and that’s Saturday 2/16 at our old haunt, The BMC or Balcony Music Club. If you’ve been seeing us for a while you might have come to one of our Sunday evening shows that we played there for two years. While this isn’t going to turn into a weekly show again, it IS still a great room and we hope you’ll join us if you’re in town.

Next week we’ll be back at Mimi’s in the Marigny on Thursday 2/21 with our quartet and then a return to Mid-City Lanes Rock ‘n’ Bowl on Friday 2/22. We’re FINALLY making a return to Baton Rouge on Saturday 2/23 for a show at the new, and apparently super cool new venue, Mud and Water in downtown. As always, check our website for more info!

And now that we’re done with “Super Gras” we move on to festival season. I’m proud to announce that we’ll be making appearances at both French Quarter Festival and JazzFest again this year! If you’re headed to New Orleans for the fests, we hope to see you.

Keep dreaming of spring…

Your gal pal,

“Without the courage to fail there is no progress.”

Early Fall Goings On

Hello from New Orleans! It’s been a crazy few weeks, starting off with a long drive from Los Angeles and a stop in Austin for a show with Charlie Pierce on piano at the historic Driskill Hotel. Dave and I then hot footed it to New Orleans, pulling into the city the day before Slobsterfest and our first Saturday night headlining show at Tipitina’s. You folks really came out in support and we thank you! Make sure to visit our website for photos, courtesy of Angelina Geraci and Jerry Moran as well as our new favorited videos on our YouTube page for videos taken by Angelina.

A couple days off to recoup and get organized turned into four days without power and two cancelled shows, all thanks to Hurricane Isaac. I for one, will never underestimate a Category 1 ever again. Fortunately, we had no major damage but our hearts go out to everyone in Mississippi, LaPlace, Slidell and way down in the parishes who got it bad.

After a week of sweating and worrying I was off to North Carolina and a show singing with the Squirrel Nut Zippers during the DNC! For those of you not familiar with the SNZ, check them out on YouTube. Here’s one of my favorites. They made a big splash in the 90’s by finding commercial success, helping to ignite the swing revival movement and were super influential on me as a burgeoning young big band singer. It was an exciting opportunity for me and one that I hope will be repeated in the months to come!

Now back on (semi) solid ground here in New Orleans, we’ve been catching up on booking and promoting our upcoming shows. I’m glad to say that we picked up a nice little show for this Saturday 9/15 at Mojitos on Frenchmen. Our fall schedule has beefed up for the rest of this month, October and November so make sure to go to our website and check out all the dates.

The Gal Holiday band is also coming back to Lafayette after too long! Then we’ll be in Gonzales for the Ascension Parish Balloon Festival and Texas the last week of the month, so look out for us in Austin and Plano folks. Traveling with us will be NOLA guitarists Chris Adkins and Gregory Good and we look forward to tearing down in the Lone Star State…and drinking a little Lone Star beer to boot.

See y’all out on the streets and in the clubs!

Your gal pal,

"Without the courage to fail there is no progress."