Bar signs: Chickie Wah Wah

My band has a Sunday night residency at the fabulous venue Chickie Wah Wah, located in Mid-City a streetcar ride away from the French Quarter. Smoke free, super clean and with a stellar sound system, this venue offers a really amazing line-up of musicians 7 days a week! It’s quite an honor to have a weekly show there.

The owner, Dale has amassed a cool collection of signs, a few of which I am happy to share with you here.





More signs…

After a long hiatus of “And the sign says…” I’m hopping back on the proverbial wagon with two gems from yesterday’s adventures.

The first is not so much about the sign as the blatant disregard for said signage.

The second one, found in the bathroom of Kebab (a fabulous new eatery on St. Claude Avenue in New Orleans) is a plea for cleanliness. I’ve always thought that washroom signs should be so bold.


Olde Dixie and more

Here are a few gems for the “And the sign says…” category from Patrick Bytnar, sent to me (with his permission, of course) by the lovely Carmen Diaz. Enjoy!

“olde dixie”
Location: South Orange Ave, South Orlando FL
Description: I wish I had something more in depth to say about this sign, but WOW! The chicken has a confederate cap on! How awesome is that! As a transplant from the “north” I am always on the lookout for true southern gems like this.

“duens gas”
Location: Lake St, Miller Beach Neighborhood, Gary IN
Description: Since I was kid I always wondered if the letters on this sign were transposed since the Indiana “Dunes” begin in the Miller Beach neighborhood along Lake Michigan. Unfortunately, like most store fronts, this gas station has sat vacant and vandalized since I was kid.

“beverly shores depot”
Location: South Shore commuter train line, Beverly Shores IN
Description: While a number of towns in the Indiana dunes were named for squatters who occupied the area, Beverly Shores was to be the Atlantic City of Indiana. Of course this never came to be and now the area is inhabited by wealthy home owners who feel entitled to the natural beauty of the dunes and Lake Michigan.

Location: Orange Blossom Trail, Kissimmee FL
Description: Remnants of old Florida tourism…

And the sign says…

During my travels I enjoy snapping photos as much as the next tourist. I even snap an occasional picture when I’m in full on local mode, wherever I decide that is at the current time. The new part of my blog is called, “And the sign says…” It’s a call to you fellow snapshot enthusiasts to submit signs you see along the path! Funny, ironic, visually stunning, esoteric and anything that strikes your fancy. Email me pictures no larger than 700×700 to nocowgirl (at) gmail (dawt) com along with a short description.

This photo was taken on Franklin Avenue in the Marigny in New Orleans, LA. An amazing revelation once the old external walls were taken off the building.