December and beyond

Since my last band letter we’ve had a major holiday and I have driven across the country and back from Los Angeles to New Orleans one final time in 2012, making the move back to the Crescent City full time. Our experience in Los Angeles was multi-faceted and I’m glad we ping ponged from coast to coast for the past two years. We’ll certainly miss many aspects of life on the west coast including all the fine folks we know out there but the time had come, business wise to make the trip back to Louisiana. Right now things are popping for us here and in order to take advantage of it all we simply have to be in the middle of the action.

BUT the plan is taking shape for a three week western tour this summer to include Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and California, from San Diego all the way to San Francisco and perhaps even further north.
Since I still do all the booking myself, the face to face interactions we made with clubs has been invaluable and I plan to put I to good use! We’ve already got Club Eleven in San Diego, Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneertown and a venue in Salida, our favorite little Colorado town on the hook. Now I just have to link it all together! It’s a labor of love but there’s nothing better than getting the band out on the road and I’m super excited for this year as our touring band is really ace.

I think I’m getting waaaaay ahead of myself so let me reel it in a bit. Dave and I made it back to NOLA and have been setting up our house in the Bywater neighborhood. We don’t have internet yet and were booking on the road so please excuse the mess, er….the lateness of updates to the website, that is. December shaped up nicely and I have lots to tell y’all about.

First of all, we’ll be at the Rock ‘n’ Bowl this Saturday 12/8. It was a last minute fill in for Roddy Romero and so is not listed in publications. But rest assured, it is Gal Holiday ALL NIGHT LONG!

Also this Saturday (as well as 12/15), The New Orleans Nightingales, of which I am a part, will be at the Piety Street Market selling CDs, calendars and gorgeous signed photos. Where else will you be able to get a collectible signed by 14 of New Orleans most fabulous singers including Ingrid Lucia, Debbie Davis, Meschiya Lake, Linzzi Zaorski and moi?! The market will be from 11-4 and is a great alternative place to pick up Christmas gifts so come by and say hello!

And as if I couldn’t help but squeeze more out of Saturday, I’ll be doing a photo shoot for an upcoming fundraising campaign. What for? GASP! Could it be…A NEW GAL HOLIDAY ALBUM? Why, yes. It’s been over two years and is high time we put out another. Don’t y’all agree? We’ve been watching as bands around us have used fan funding with much success and we thought we’d give it a try, too. Many of you are already familiar with how that concept works, and as the month progresses we’ll explain in more detail for those of you who are wondering about it. I think we’ll probably launch the campaign right after the new year, providing the world doesn’t end on the 21st.

So that brings us to our show listing for December. We still have dates available for private holiday parties so contact me if you want us at your house! And PLEASE go out to your favorite venues and support live, local music. It’s a treasure we have here in New Orleans and we shouldn’t take it for granted. And if you don’t live in NOLA, go see live music wherever you are. Those bands and venues need you. Start a revolution! They all start small.

Please join and share the Facebook events to help us spread the word:

Saturday 12/8 @ Rock ‘n’ Bowl (NOLA); 9:30pm-1am Facebook event
Saturday 12/15 @ Mojitos Rum Bar (NOLA); 7:30pm-10:30pm Facebook event
Thursday 12/20 @ Mimi’s in the Marigny (NOLA) Hard Candy Christmas Party; 8:30pm-2am (band plays until 11 ONLY) Facebook event

Saturday 12/22 @ Rivershack Tavern (Jefferson, LA); 10pm-2am Facebook event
Friday 12/28 @ Three Muses (NOLA) Quartet show; 9pm-12am Facebook event

I’ll be talking to you again before the end of the month but stay safe out there. People get crazy this time of year and we don’t want any injuries. Shop locally and be merry!

Your gal pal,

"Without the courage to fail there is no progress."

New review for “Set Two” by Turnstyled, Junkpiled!

We got a cool new review for “Set Two” by the online L.A. Americana music magazine, Turnstyled, Junkpiled. Here’s the content but please visit their website, too.

Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue
Set Two
By Gerry Gomez, Contributing Writer

Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue’s latest album, Set Two, welcomes the listener with a beautiful grinning picture of Vannesa Niemann (aka Gal Holiday) on the cover. That radiance continues on the inside on the package, as Niemann sings and is accompanied by fiancee Dave Brouillette on bass, with other players thrown in the mix, performing their way through rousing interpretations of “classic country” tunes and one really spirited version of “Plastic Jesus” – a comedic song about dashboard Jesus’ written by Ed Rush and George Cromarty in 1957. They do it with complete sincerity and give it great new life. There are also a few originals that sit perfectly next to the classics.

Niemann and Brouillette are originally from Louisiana, but have relocated themselves to Los Angeles, in hopes of seeing what fortunes may await them in Sin City. That’s good news for local lovers of classic country music: it is Gal Holiday’s credo to play only the real deal. Set Two shines with staples from the hard working groups live set, such as, “Yes, Ma’am” “Jones on the Jukebox” and even a honky tonk version of Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice.”

The original “Louisiana Waltz” is a tale that hearkens back to bygone days and departed loves still swaying together, that is reminiscent of the Brian Wilson’s female led pet-project, American Spring’s “Tennessee Waltz” not only in terms of tempo, but also the wonderful sultry sweet female vocals that drive this song. Leading into the other original, “I’m Coming Home” which will get porch swing in motion faster than a V8 on an open stretch of highway. Vanessa’s personality really livens up these old feeling tunes and with Brouillette’s solid bass crossed with overall strong production, the songs leap through the speakers and get the toes tapping. Great music to put anyone in a good mood, done with class and very welcoming, sexy vocals.

Gal Holiday’s star has been rising since coming to La La Land. They’re playing all over town with some anticipated shows coming up most notably,’s own sponsored Harvelle’s Holiday Hullabaloo (Friday at 9pm). Catch them and you’ll be two-stepping the night away. Tickets can be purchased here:

The Long Road West

SO. We made it back to Los Angeles after our two months all the way to Ft. Lauderdale and back saga of a trip! While most of our time was spent back in New Orleans with friends, fans and family (read prior blogs for more deets) we’ll pick up The Adventures of Gal Holiday the day after our outstanding farewell show at Old Point Bar in Algier’s Point, New Orleans.

We actually had one more show to do which was a party for a super cool couple, recently married at a lovely Lower Garden District locale on the rainy Saturday night after Thanksgiving. Though the unpredictable New Orleans’ weather moved us indoors to a considerably smaller space, the company was cool, staff included. Great photos, too…


After packing up and hitting the bottle with the catering staff in the alley behind the venue, Dave and I ventured uptown to visit with a friend before taking off on Monday, two days later. It was then that our van had ANOTHER crucial meltdown. For those of you not following us on Facebook or Twitter you are unaware that we had some electrical problems “fixed” before we went to Florida the week before Turkey Day. Long story short, $450 wasted and still major issues. And now again with the issues and three days before we had to be in Austin for a show.

SO. Major decisions were made and our old clunker of a diesel van was laid to rest. Bye bye, Ol’ Bessie, Hello as yet un-Christened Honda Odyssey minivan. We’ve heard all the jokes by now, about how you’re supposed to have kids and THEN get a minivan, but wait…we DO have kids. They’re called band members. And all jokes aside, the gas mileage is great, the ride is a thousand times more comfortable and we’ll get to where we’re going with more confidence that we’ll actually arrive on time. Many thanks to the fine folks at Superior Honda on the Westbank of New Orleans for their expediency and swell treatment. Turns out, we even played for the wedding reception of the manager’s daughter! (If anyone feels especially generous this Holiday Season, we have a little PayPal donation button on our website to help with car payments. And we love you!)

SO. We finally left for Austin on Monday night after organizing and downsizing, taking with us only the essentials…PA, instruments, amps, clothing and a few other things. All the rest of the crap we brought with us to NOLA stayed in the guest bedroom of Dave’s mom. Thanks Gods for moms! We stopped at ATX to pick up Joe, our L.A. guitar player who had flown home for the holiday after being with us for the duration of the trip. It was great to be back in Austin, see some friends who we’d been out of touch with for a while and make some new acquaintances, too! In particular check out Teri Joyce, a super songwriter who might be in our song lineup coming soon. Love her!

We made the long trek from Austin to Santa Fe in one day, hoping to head off some incoming weather which never arrived. Thankfully we have a great friend in Santa Fe who didn’t mind us keeping him up until midnight and had beds set up for our weary butts. It was another great night in Santa Fe for our second appearance at The Cowgirl BBQ, and despite the freezing temperatures we kept warm by drinking tequila and rocking out.

Departing the next morning it was cold and overcast, freezing rain in the forecast and a decision made. We would travel south to I-10 in lieu of the threat of closures on I-40. Yes, 16 hours instead of a mere 12. We almost killed each other. But we made it back to L.A. safe and sound in one go, arriving home on Saturday morning at about 3:30 am after dropping Joe off in Hollywood.

AND THEN. Dave got sick on Sunday. Like projectile vomit sick. Food poisoning or stomach flu we’re not sure but he was not well for days. I plugged away, unpacking, grocery shopping, organizing. AND THEN. I got sick. Projectile vomit sick. And I threw up on Sunset Blvd which is so rockstar I can’t even begin to tell you. Apparenly it puts me in league with Slash, Paris and many other people who go by one name only. Just call me Gal.

BUT. We’re better now and have done two great gigs back in L.A. with a trip to San Francisco tomorrow. The show must go on.