Ah, laryngitis. By now alot of you might have heard through social media that I had to end the show at Le Bon Temps Roule early last night. It’s absolutely frustrating to have a tool that you trust and rely on just totally give out on you, particularly when it’s a part of your body. I feel defeated, deflated and let down but I have to remind myself that I’m human.

A little background…
I got sick this past Sunday and it was a weird sort of sickness with no congestion or cough at all. I felt better on Wednesday and put on actual clothing, washed my face and brushed my hair. Then Thursday found me feeling ick again, although no congestion still. We played at Mimi’s in the Marigny on Thursday where my voice felt strong, full and I didn’t push it at all to get the same results as I always do. Then Friday, wham…no voice. Normally if my chords are a little over worked or tired I might loose a bit of my high register or get a little raspy. This time I totally lost the low end and, at least at first had all the high notes. Then I pushed through and lost that, too. Of course, cigar smoking at yesterday’s event didn’t help nor did the two packs of second hand smoke I inhaled at the bar last night. I went through six 500 ml bottles of water on stage yesterday and despite keeping hydrated, tea with honey, whiskey, Mucinex and 15 minute head steaming I still lost my voice. At least I got a good facial.

So…I think I can, I think I can get through one or two sets tonight. And breaking news…we’re supposed to audition for America’s Got Talent tomorrow. We’ll see what happens with that!