Studio Day 1 comes to a close…

At the end of day one, 7 songs have bottoms recorded, meaning drums, bass and rhythm guitar that are “in the can” or mostly so. Anyone who has spent time in a recording studio will consider that almost at record speed, especially considering that after a 4 hour set up, we laid those down in just under 5 1/2 hours. I think a lot of the initial vocal tracks sound really good, too but we’ve still got 6 days left so there’s plenty time for all that.

It’s thrilling to be recording again and so far, it’s been almost TOO easy.

Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard today! Shout outs to the Esplanade Studio peeps, led by the marvelous engineer Misha Kachkachisvili and his wonderful interns, Casey, Chris and Jesse. And of course, our ace band of players, David Brouillette, Chris Adkins, Gregory Good and our guest drummer, Doug Belote who it was an absolute pleasure to work with today. Steve Spitz brought his pedal steel guitar in this evening for full speed ahead tomorrow. Brang the twang!

Onward and upward to Day 2! For now, another beer and a good night’s rest are what the honky tonk doctor ordered.





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