Pre-studio Excitement

Well, my previous email just got wiped out due to my itchy clicker finger. Gaaaah! It was a nice letter, filled with anecdotes. This will be shorter and not nearly as clever.

To briefly summarize…

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to our shows last weekend and “Hello” to all the new fans out there! We had a great weekend. (insert funny quip about me being sober at Friday’s show.)

We’ve been finalizing the pre-production on our album before we head back into the studio on September 6. With all our preparation, the recording SHOULD go smoothly and quickly (fingers crossed). We feel strongly about the songs we’ve written and I’m so very excited to get it out to you! I’ll be blogging the process so please follow along right here on my blog.

We continue with our light show schedule as we count down the days to recording…

After a six week hiatus, Gregory Good re-joins the group TONIGHT (Friday) at The Jefferson-Orleans North in Metairie, LA. This family owned event hall has always hosted ballroom dances but they have recently been diversifying, bringing in yours truly and Sunpie Barnes to bring a different crowd. The “ballroom crowd” still shows up and they mix and mingle, sharing the HUGE dance floor. This is a smoke free show. And yes, there’s a bar.

Saturday afternoon from 4-7 we share a bill with our good friend, the supremely talented, Brandon Moreau and his band, Cajungrass for another fun-filled Fais Do Do at The Maison. Brandon has an amazing repertoire, sings like a Cajun angel and plays the fiddle like his life depended on it. This is a a great place to bring the family for non-stop music on two stages and another smoke free show!

A couple of cool shows just got confirmed for September including the Best of the Bayou Fest in Houma and an opening slot for Big Sandy in Baton Rouge! I’ve been a fan of his music for years and years and it’s super exciting that he’s coming to Baton Rouge and that we get to play with him. Also, shows are being booked into the spring in FL, LA, TX and CA as well as plans to visit many other places that have long been on my radar. Thanks so much for being on our email list and following along!

Your gal pal,


“Without the courage to fail there is no progress.”


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