Our Kickstarter is LIVE!!!

I am thrilled to announce that our KICKSTARTER PROJECT went LIVE this morning! My stomach is doing flip-flops even as I type the words. Obviously, this crowd funding thing is a huge undertaking and it’s gonna take all we’ve got to get the word out there.

Click here to view the project.

The excitement has been mounting for months as we move closer to actually recording a new album after three years. It’s been a time full of emotional ups and downs and travel back and forth and the songs reflect that, for sure. Thanks to all of YOU, Set Two was a success and we’re looking forward to seeing what happens this next go round!

Our concept for the album is simple…travel, to and from, both literally and figuratively with a working title of “South of I-12.” We’ve had some of the songs written and in our live show for a while, but there will be a bunch of new ones on there as well as a couple of surprises. As a note to all of you who have been sorely lacking in the Gal Holiday live show department, our goal is to get a high quality album recorded and tour behind it. Hopefully we’ll have a successful campaign so we can do just that!

Please click over to our Kickstarter page to read more about how to become a part of this exciting recording adventure and the fabulous rewards you can earn for doing so. I’ll be posting updates through the Kickstarter site as we roll along. As always, we’re right here alongside you to answer any questions if you’re unsure of anything.

We have exactly 30 days to reach our goal!!! Ready, set…GO!!!

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