Library tour, Kickstarter and Father’s Day weekend fun

It’s been a while since I wrote to y’all! We had a really fun time at Banks Street Bar last Friday and in Baton Rouge on Saturday. And I just got back from a short trip with Dave, Chris and Greg, traveling around the adjoining Parishes on our annual Library Mini-Tour. I believe this was our fourth year out in Point Coupee Parish and it’s really cool to see the same kids year after year. They’re always one year older and a little bit taller, kind of like that cousin you only saw once a year at family get togethers.

Those of you who follow us on Facebook have probably seen the pictures. Here’s one I haven’t shared yet…it’s an overhead shot because some of the libraries are so small the kids are right under our feet and I can’t back up to take a photo!

The group shot was taken in Innis, LA in the municipal room of their brand new, BIG library. Besides being a social hub and important resource for these small communities, the library also serves as a storm shelter. The old buildings are SO small that a larger building is just more practical and I’m so happy for them and their beautiful new facility!

A big THANK YOU goes out to Young Audiences of Louisiana for keeping us working with the kids. I should also mention that the Point Coupee Library really hooked us up with some pretty stellar digs in New Roads, LA this time around. If you ever need a place to stay while in the area, I highly recommend the LeJeune Guest House. It’s a cute little two bedroom bungalow with nice, upgraded amenities and screened in porches. We wanted to move right in!

I’m feeling a little wiped out, but I still have a couple of important things to tell y’all. First of all, our KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN has finally been submitted to the website for approval! If all goes correctly, you should be able to view it next week. We’ve been writing more songs and I’m very, very excited to get something new out to you all!

Secondly, we have some shows that I need to tell you about!…

This weekend, we’re playing two places in New Orleans that we have never played before. Friday June 14, we hit Mid-City stompin’ at the Bayou Beer Garden for a show out on the deck. I can’t wait! (Obviously, this show has already happened and it was AMAZING…we’ll definitely be back at the Bayou Beer Garden!) And then Saturday June 15 we’re doing a special night at the Howlin’ Wolf: Den, a small-ish listening room adjunct to the larger venue. It’s a pretty cool, intimate spot. Dave James, one of our favorite people in the world, will be joining us on guitar. You never can tell what shenanigans shall ensue with that guy in the mix.

And then of course, Sunday is Father’s Day! We’ll be out at Audubon Zoo for the Southern Fried Swamp Fest. Dads get in for free that day so bring the kids for some great food and family friendly fun!

Alright, I’m starting to see double! Time to call it a night. Yaaaaawwwwwnnnnn……


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