JazzFest Week 2

Okay! I survived my birthday again! It was actually quite tame by comparison and was the perfect segue into JazzFest Week 2 here in NOLA. We been seeing SO many folks from out of town and made some new friends at our shows last week. Which, by the way were all AMAZING thanks to you guys. Really amazing actually.

Today we have a big rehearsal for our JazzFest sets out at the fairgrounds and we’re getting so excited! We’re out there on Friday morning, but if you’re festing this year you already know that. AND we’re opening the stage for Willie Nelson, whose birthday happens to be today. Yes, one day from mine. Tau-rus!!!

But I jump ahead…

There are some great things happening on St. Claude Avenue this week. If you don’t feel like fighting the crowds on Frenchmen there are some awesome alternatives, which I will tell of here. Firstly, Gal Holiday band will be playing Wednesday 5/1 (tomorrow) at Siberia with Gregory Good opening the show with an acoustic set. Although the venue is outwardly punk rock, I like to refer to them as the Mimi’s adjunct where all music and all people are welcome. Plus they have really fantastic Eastern European and Russian food…pierogi, cabbage rolls and blini, OH MY!

There are a couple of other events that I’d like to let y’all know about, other than our shows. Both tonight and tomorrow (Tues 4/30 and Wed 5/1) there is a country fest going on at Allways Lounge, across the street from Siberia and connected with the All-Star Covered Dish Country Jamboree that happens there on Tuesdays. The Wasted Lives, who host the night are keeping country music alive and thriving here in New Orleans! They have a stellar line-up planned for both nights, including one of my all time favorite New Orleans’ bands, By & By String Band who will make a rare appearance tonight. Also Wednesday is ChazFest, the 9th Ward Music Festival hosted by the man with the washboard, Mr. Chaz Leary. It’s an all day and evening thing so swing by there early and then come see us at Siberia!

In my last email I told y’all that our Thursday night show at Mimi’s was cancelled due to a court ordered injunction against the neighborhood bar. We’re so sad for the loss of a favorite music venue and hope that they can return soon. The venue is still open so stop for some fabulous food and support them! Also, we decided not to do a house party that night in lieu of promoting the heck out of our Siberia show on Wednesday. We did get an offer though, so thanks for that!

Friday 5/3 we’re out at the Fest opening up the Gentilly Stage for Willie as well as closing out the Kids’ Tent with a raucous set. And picked up a show this Saturday 5/4 at The Prytania Bar on Prytania Street for their Homegrown JazzFest. They’re a new-ish music venue uptown and we’re always glad to have more of those! We hope some of you will venture out to see us and openers Something Burning, a local band who are riding the cello’s wave of popularity in modern music.

I think that’s all I need to tell you this week in this quick email. I’m glad I found a minute to sit down and write to you amidst all the craziness! (I did think of one more thing that’s happening tonight. The New Orleans Nightingales will descend on the tiny Three Muses to sit in, one at a time with the band. I’ll be there for a short time, but if you happen to be on Frenchmen Street, pop your head in for a drink!)

Once again, be safe, be smart and look out for and love each other. Until we meet again…

Your gal pal,


“Without the courage to fail there is no progress.”

Wednesday 5/1 @ Siberia w/ opener Gregory Good 2227 St. Claude Ave. (NOLA); Gregory Good opens solo acoustic @ 9pm; Gal Holiday 10pm-1am
Friday 5/3 @ New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival: Gentilly Stage (NOLA); 11:10am-11:55am
Friday 5/3 @ New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival: Kids’ Tent (NOLA); 5:15pm-6pm
Saturday 5/4 @ The Prytania Bar w/ opener Something Burning 3445 Prytania Street (NOLA); Something Burning @ 10pm; Gal Holiday 11:30pm-1am
Thursday 5/9 Innocence Project Gala @ Generations Hall 310 Andrew Higgins Drive (NOLA); 6:30pm-11pm
Saturday 5/11 Crawfish Mambo @ UNO (NOLA); Gal Holiday 12:15pm-1:15pm
Saturday 5/11 @ Mojitos 437 Esplanade Avenue (NOLA); 7:30pm-10:30pm
Sunday 5/12 @ Warehouse Grille 569 Magazine Street (NOLA; 4pm-7pm
Thursday 5/16 @ Chickie Wah Wah w/ Washboard Rodeo 2828 Canal Street (NOLA); 8pm-11pm
Friday 5/17 Friday Night Music Camp @ Big Top 3 Ring Circus 1638 Clio Street (NOLA); 5pm-7pm
Saturday 5/18 @ The BMC 1331 Decatur Street (NOLA); 9pm-12am


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