Meanwhile, down South

What a week.

The general election overshadowed the devastating news in the Northeast this week. We’re keeping all those folks in our thoughts and prayers and I wish there were something we could do. Down here in Louisiana we definitely know the struggle they face and the long road to recovery. And now they’ve been hit again with the a Nor’Easter. It brings back eerie memories of Katrina and Rita.

I’m certainly not going to delve into politics. This newsletter is not the place for it and honestly, my feeling is that no matter who won we all need to get behind our President and support our country. Enough bipartisanship already, right?! It was crazy to be in Florida during the build up.

Speaking of, we had a great little run down to south Florida. Thanks to all our fans who came out and hello to our new email list members! We’ll definitely be back in a few months so keep an ear out for us. This time we’ll try to expand the trip a little and make it to even more spots. I always forget how big, and diverse Florida is!

We’re back here in New Orleans for two more weekends and have some really great shows for you to choose from!

Please join and share the Facebook events to help us spread the word:

Friday 11/9 @ Three Muses (NOLA); 9pm-12am Facebook event
Saturday 11/10 @ Pontchartrain Vineyards (Bush, LA); 6:30pm-9pmFacebook event
Friday 11/16 @ New Orleans Museum of Art (NOLA); 5:30pm-8:30pm Facebook event
Saturday 11/17 @ Old Point Bar (NOLA); 10pm-1am Facebook event

Your gal pal,

"Without the courage to fail there is no progress."


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