This weekend in NOLA

This is gonna be a short email as I totally slacked this week and now here we are on Thursday! Austin was awesome…we’re so grateful to have such great friends out there and word is that we’ll be spending more time there on a regular basis. Tune in for more to come on all that….

We’re glad to be playing at Chickie Wah Wah in New Orleans tonight! Its a great room to see a show, with really nice sound, yummy food and now a perfect opener for the Gal Holiday band…our friend from the Houston area, Bert Wills. Y’all will really love him if you’re not already familiar. He plays blues, country and western swing and is a great fit for us! Bert will play one hour long set starting at 8pm and we’ll hit the stage directly after.

And tomorrow (Friday) join us across the river at local Algier’s haunt, Old Point Bar from 10-1. Jump the Mississippi!

Happy October and yay for fall weather!


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